Easy cleaning and disinfection

Easy to clean: three flush-mounted InductWarm® 200 built-in units for hot holding

Currently, the catering industry has to rethink existing food serving concepts. It is a must to realize hygienic regulations to the fullest extent.

As a supplier of this industry Gastros Switzerland wants to support with smart solutions that meet the new requirements – solutions like implemented inductive food warming units to help to realizing existing hygienic regulations easier. The brand InductWarm® of Gastros Switzerland offers two options:

  • The InductWarm® 130+ undercounter unit for hot holding that is installed fully invisible underneath counter- or tabletops. (see picture below)
  • The InductWarm® 200 built-in unit which is flush-mounted into the counter’s surface. (see picture on top)

When the dishes are removed from the counter both solutions offer an absolutely even surface without gaps or edges, which is easy to clean and to disinfect – a benefit of high value in the current situation but surely also for the future. This is the way to optimize hygienically relevant workflows and to make periodical cleaning routines more efficient.

Please, find more information about Gastros Switzerland and the InductWarm® hot holding devices on the website: www.gastros.swiss

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