Prince Rupert Hotel to host ‘unforgettable’ Christmas for rough sleepers

The Prince Rupert Hotel has expressed interest in offering the rough sleepers who have been staying at the hotel during the pandemic an “unforgettable” Christmas.

According to the BBC, the 28 rough sleepers who began staying at the Shrewsbury hotel in March were now considered a “part of the family” by the site, and manager Mike Matthews now plans to make this Christmas “really special” for them.

All 28 guests will reportedly receive a Christmas dinner as well as gifts donated by local businesses.

Over the course of the pandemic, 84 people have stayed at the hotel, with roughly 55 of them now in permanent homes.

Matthews told the BBC that a former resident has since been hired as a chef at the hotel, with further plans to hire two others to work in the kitchen and housekeeping once it reopens to guests.

He said: “I never knew there were quite so many people out there in need. Our hope is to reach people before they reach the streets and bring them here to provide safety and security from the virus.

“We’re all hoteliers so we are used to working Christmas day. It is usually the longest day I work and I stagger home at 10pm. But this will be a great occasion, just with a different type of guest.”