Season’s Greetings from livecookintable®

As the festive season approaches and 2020 draws to a close, livecookintable® has never been more pleased to wish our friends and colleagues in the global hospitality industry a prosperous and very happy New Year.

The past 12 months have been extraordinary and testing for every sector, but few have been harder hit by the events of 2020 than the hospitality industry. Yet, even faced with the challenges of COVID19, the creativity of industry professionals has been awe-inspiring. Businesses, large and small, have imaginatively diversified and gone to incredible lengths to protect their staff and stay working even when it sometimes seemed as if guidelines and restrictions were changing on an almost weekly basis.

For our part, livecookintable® was proud to respond to the pandemic with Be Safe. This range of buffet equipment and innovative catering products was designed specifically to address the demands of COVID19 on the hospitality industry worldwide, from clever single-serving solutions to our revolutionary plasma/ozone Airwall air cleaning system. And we were also delighted to supply livecookintable® customers, with antibacterial surface coatings, free of charge, for all furniture in our Baukasten modular range.

As the New Year approaches, between positive news on vaccines and the travel market slowly re-opening, there are plenty of reasons to feel optimistic about 2021. The creativity, imagination, generosity and sheer hard work that sustained us all over the past year might have been born of necessity, but those skills will almost certainly be just as valuable going forward to what we feel sure will be a much brighter, busier and happier 2021.

We wish all customers, friends, colleagues and partners around the world a peaceful and happy festive season and a successful and rewarding 2021.  If you need to contact MEC2 at any time please get in touch at [email protected] or call +49 6123 794 870.

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